Meet our Team

Pastors & Staff

Pastor Terry Garrett

Lead Pastor
Leads Fusion Church and Pastoral Team in Loving Jesus and the people of Fusion. 

Pastor  Kate  Deschner

Executive  Pastor
Is our head administrator, all paper work, to managing our app, to organizing operations.  

Pastor  Dan  LaCella

Next  Generations  Pastor
 Oversees all ministries from the time of birth to graduation,  making sure we are raising up the next generation.

Pastor Aaron Rose

Launch Pastor
Is one of the founding pastors of Fusion Church along with Pastor Jim Streib. He will plant more Fusion Churches as the future unfolds.

Pastor Jim Streib

Assistant  Pastor
Is as faithful as they come. He is one of the founding Pastors of Fusion Church along with Aaron Rose. He assists Pastor Terry in caring for our Fusion Family whenever there is a need.

Pastor El  Akuchie

Prayer and Spiritual Development
Hails from Nigeria and a man of God. He  oversees our prayer teams and teaches on the fundamentals of the Christian Life.

Wes Jones

Ministry  Director 
Is a jack of all trades. From construction to starting ministries, he is the guy who gets it done. He oversees our U-Nights and mens ministry.